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San Antonio Flat Fee MLS Listing

If you are planning to sell your home, the first step to take is to find out what similar homes in your area are selling for. That could be a daunting task for the average seller, who does not have the resources to obtain accurate information. On-line MLS listings are most often outdated, and a waste of your valuable time. VIP Realty can simplify this task for you. As part of our services to you as your listing broker, and using our state-of-the-art resources, we can do a comprehensive search of your area to differentiate asking prices from the actual sale price. This is the information you need in order to set a REALISTIC selling price that will attract potential buyers.

View our extensive marketing plan and research our Flat Fee MLS Listing FAQ section. You can also research why our Flat Fee MLS Options work so well. VIP Realty will sell your home Fast and for Top Dollar, while saving you $1,000s in real estate commissions

VIP Realty will include your listing in our all-inclusive and always up-to-date MLS in order to give your property the greatest exposure. We will show your home only to qualified buyers, which gives you a big advantage over For Sale By Owner sellers, who are often approached by visitors who do not have the financial qualifications to obtain a mortgage and are wasting your time on a sight-seeing tour.

Sell Your Home For A Flat Fee

Sellers are often tempted to sell a home on their own primarily to avoid paying a 6% commission fee – which is split 50/50 between the buyer and seller agents. If you are one of those sellers who would rather forgo a full service arrangement, VIP Realty has a Flat Fee MLS program that should suit you needs perfectly, and cut your real estate commission costs in half.

San Antonio home values

Under VIP Realty’s Flat Fee MLS program, you pay no realty commission to VIP, even though we are your listing broker. Instead, you will pay only a one-time flat fee – which is minimal compared to the 3% commission we would receive under a full service broker arrangement. For this fee your property will receive maximum exposure to potential buyers by being included in VIP Realty’s comprehensive Multiple Listing Service, (MLS) which is scanned on a continual basis by buyers and their agents nationwide.

If a realtor finds a buyer for your property, your only obligation is to pay the buyer’s agent a 3% commission fee, instead of the usual 6% commission you would pay to cover both the buyer and listing agent fees. As an example of the significant amount of money you would save under VIP Realty’s Flat Fee MLS, suppose your home sold for $300,000, instead of paying a 6% commission of $18,000, you would only be paying $9,000 to the buyer’s agent – a savings to you of $9,000, less the minimal flat fee to VIP Realty.

And better yet, should you find a buyer on your own, under VIP Realty’s Flat Fee MLS program, your real estate agent commission costs would be 0% since a buyer’s agent would not be involved, and VIP Realty’s minimal flat fee requirement would satisfy the listing agent costs. How about that scenario for maximizing your home selling profit?

Why not contact VIP Realty today and make your home selling experience a most profitable one!