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Reasons Why You May Experience Difficulty in Seeling Your Home

Posted by Richard Soto on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010 at 9:17am.

You’ve done everything right – or so you think – to sell your home. You’ve priced it right and sat back and waited for the onslaught of offers. However, a few months later and no offers have you rethinking your plan for selling your Live home.

Pricing your home to sell may only be one part of the equation. It is important to understand that most home buyers of today want homes that appeal to them; homes that they feel welcome in; homes that they get a warm, fuzzy feeling about. After all, much of the home buying process involves emotions. With that in mind, are you doing everything you can to appeal to your buyers? The following tips may help you create the mood to attract your buyers:

  • Let the sun shine in – A dark home doesn’t show well. It makes the rooms appear smaller and makes the home appear less welcoming. Therefore, the best thing you can do brighten things up is to open the blinds, throw back the curtains and let the sun shine in. Take it one step further and turn on all the lights in the house. A bright home will do wonders for the mood of your buyers.
  • Take a whiff – Is your home filled with less-than-pleasant odors? The first thing you can do to sell your Live Oak home is to stop smoking in it. Second, avoid cooking any food that may linger in your home, such as fish. Third, keep the kitty’s litter box clean. Lastly, open the windows, if possible, before a showing to flood the home with fresh air. Light a few candles and add fresh flowers and, voila! Your home is now attractive to the noses of your buyers.
  • Clean it up – Most of us understand that a clean home sells, but many home sellers fail to realize that it just isn’t about running the vacuum before potential buyers arrive. Instead, your home must be in showcase condition. Things to consider: shampoo the carpets; scrub down the appliances, inside and out; scrub every inch of your bathroom; remove any dirt or marks from the walls; and scrub your kitchen sink until it shines.

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