What is a Split-Level Home?

A split-level home is different from the traditional layout of homes. A traditional home usually comes with two distinct stories, with a full flight of stairs between. On the other hand, a split-level home features more distinct levels, at least three, which are connected by shorter flights of stairs. This style of home became popular in the 1960s because they were designed to fit small and sloped properties which were more common in the suburbs. They are more compact in design compared to a single-story ranch house and feel hip and fresh, perfect for modern house hunters.

Different Types of Split-Level Homes

There are different types of split-level homes.

  • Side Split

With this design, the split levels are visible when looking at the exterior of a home from the front.

  • Back Split

A back split-level home is one in which the split levels may only be viewed from the side, which means that you will only see one story from the front while seeing the two from the back.

  • Other Types

Standard split-level home features three or four levels, which is why it is also known as a trilevel home. On the other hand, a stacked split-level home often has five or six levels.

Benefits of Having a Split-Level Home

It was back in the mid-20th century when these types of homes were introduced. Despite its popularity several decades ago, fewer people have considered a split-level home as their perfect match. One reason is that they did not recognize the benefits of having one.

  • Affordability

Since a split-level home is built on a relatively smaller lot, it is understandably more affordable compared to other designs. House builders usually put a priority on a budget among others, which is why a split-level home is a good option. In fact, you will be able to save a huge amount of money just on space alone, using it for other things which you might not have been able to initially afford had you selected a bigger design.

  • Plenty of Space

Even though a split-level home is built on limited land, you can still expect to have plenty of space inside. If you have bought a piece of land but think that it is too small for your big house of a dream, the split-level design is a good option for you to take into consideration. Despite having a limited land area, you can still expect to have a good space for your living area or your kitchen.

  • Separation of Space

For those who have experienced residing in a studio type of abode, understanding how important having a private space is, is a given. This is something that is offered by a split-level home. It allows for an open style design, especially in the common areas, such as the family room or the kitchen. With just a half flight of stairs, each bedroom will provide the members of the family with the much-needed privacy and space.

With this space separation feature, you can enjoy having an open space where you can enjoy more areas for moving around, yet compact that will not need you to walk so much. Having the stairs is also perfect for families with older members living with them, as they no longer have to go up and down the stairs, which could pose a risk to those who have challenges in mobility.

Separating the space will also emphasize one feature that any homeowner would like to enjoy – privacy. For example, you can easily separate entertaining areas so that different groups of people can simply enjoy various things simultaneously. The possibilities are just endless. This is primarily beneficial for families with children, or a group of individuals deciding to live together but would like to have their own space, without having to disrupt the living condition in their home.

  • Low Upkeep and Maintenance

One of the foremost advantages of getting a split-level home is the fact that it is not really so expensive to maintain. It features a simple design, which means that there is no need to maintain and keep this space a lot. In fact, if you need to update the looks of your home, all you need to do is just to apply a fresh coat of paint, thus giving your home a new look without having to spend a lot on renovations.

Among the reasons why some do not like split-level homes is their preconceived notions of what such a house looks like. All you need to do is to collaborate with your agent in order to highlight all updates made throughout the home. 

  • Easy to Remodel

If the time comes that you want to update the design of your home, having a split-level abode is very easy to remodel. For example, if you want to change the roofline of your home, you can simply add just a few dormers in order to visually break it up.

You may also want to add just a few façade treatments for your home. If you have a horizontally focused house, you can opt to re-side certain areas in order to add visual excitement to your home. This means that there is no need to spend a lot of money just to remodel your home and make it look like a newly upgraded one.

Is it For You?

One thing for sure is that a split-level home is not for everyone. If you are not really a fan of the 70’s vibe, low ceilings or conversation pits, a split-level home may not be right for you. On the other hand, if these things are what appeals to you, you will certainly be able to score a huge deal. Despite the fact that split-level homes have just recently become popular, these types of home are still affordable and readily available. This is also the reason why these types of homes are usually found in the suburbs. Getting one will surely allow you to experience the benefits of this type of home.

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