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There is one certainty: VIP Realty is unlike any other real estate firm! As many other real estate companies are suffering due to last year’s lackluster economy and housing market crisis, VIP Realty actually has too many leads and not enough agents! Now may be the best time to join VIP Realty and become a part of one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Texas! The allure of VIP Realty, for most agents, is sure to be our customizable commission plan. In short, VIP Realty allows you to control your real estate career while holding onto your hard-earned commissions!

Your Commission Choices

Unlike other real estate firms, VIP Realty allows you to choose a commission plan that best suits your experience and your goals. From a 100 percent sales commission plan for the most seasoned real estate agents to an 80/20 or a 50/50 commission split for agents who need a bit more guidance to succeed, we allow our agents to control their own destiny! The philosophy behind VIP Realty’s commission plans is quite simple: not every commission plan will work for every agent. It doesn’t make much sense to provide every agent, regardless of his or her experience and skill, with the same commission plan. Instead, the VIP Realty commission plan works by allowing you to customize your commission plan and thereby take a greater role in your real estate career!

The Benefits of Residual Income

Another benefit given to the agents of VIP Realty is the steady stream of residual income from recruiting efforts.  If you are skilled at revenue sharing and networking and you can introduce and sponsor new agents then you can start to earn a residual income stream. Positive recruiting is just one other way in which VIP agents can begin to build a multi-tiered web of growth. Finally, VIP Realty offers its agents a huge Internet presence, thereby driving business through exceptional, SEO services.  A strong Internet presence means more leads and more leads mean more revenue for you! It’s that simple! Take the time to learn more about VIP Realty and why it is now one of the most successful real estate companies in San Antonio!

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