Tips for Saving Energy in Your Business

As a business owner, you stand to gain a lot from saving energy in your office. Aside from cost reduction, an improved image and a cleaner conscience are just some of the benefits of cutting down on energy at work.

However, saving energy is sometimes easier said than done. Here are some things you can do to save energy at work and get all of your employees involved and motivated to achieve this goal.

#1 Assign green monitors.

Have certain people monitor or check energy usage or compliance to your energy-saving measures. Depending on the size and structure of your commercial real estate business, you can assign monitors by floor or department, for example, and have them rotate from time to time.

#2 Award good behavior.

Conduct spot checks or random audits. Then, give incentives to teams or departments that have shown good energy-saving behavior. You can also award individuals who set good examples for other employees.

#3 Put it in writing.

Make your energy-saving philosophy official by putting it on paper. Circulate it among existing employees, and make it a part of your new hires’ orientation process or paperwork.

#4 Encourage your employees to save energy at home.

Your employees will find it easier to comply with your energy conservation efforts at work if they have the same measures put in place in their homes. Encourage them through newsletters or friendly bulletin reminders.

#5 Let the numbers talk.

Sometimes, a statement can make a bigger impact on employees if they are accompanied by numbers. For example, show a side-by-side comparison of your company’s current costs versus what it can be reduced to by saving.

#6 Penalize bad behavior.

Unfortunately, there are times that you do have to resort to penalties to keep employees from breaking the rules. You can make fairly harmless punishments, such as penalty jars.

#7 Be a good example.

As boss or business owner, make sure that you are the very first person that your employees can learn from. Show them that you yourself are following the energy saving tips and rules you have put in place.

#8 Make it fun.

Have your employees get involved by twice as much by turning your energy saving plan into a game-like venture. By implementing certain mechanics and targets, the activity doubles as a mini-teambuilding effort for your team.

#9 Replace energy-guzzling appliances.

Go over your appliance inventory, and replace inefficient or old ones with new models. These may be slowly nibbling away at your profits without you noticing.

#10 Turn everything off.

Making huge energy savings starts by turning off things that you are not using. Make it a rule to turn off all computers and lights, for example, once an office is emptied. A Final Word As mentioned, saving energy in your business is not always easy to do. The best way to fulfill this goal is to first make everyone a part of your strategy. Be persistent in implementing these energy-saving tips, and you shall soon see more and bigger changes.

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