San Antonio vs Austin - Compare Cities & Decide Which is Better

Texas is a popular place to live at. A lot of people appreciate the diverse regions of the state, regardless of their preference in climate and way of living. With an affordable cost of living, a friendly culture, and lots of recreation opportunities, Texas continues to capture the interest of many people. Regardless of your age or status, Texas is a good place for you. But where exactly in Texas should you stay? Do you have a particular place in mind right now?

What about San Antonio vs Austin? Have you ever thought of them? Right in the center of the Lone Star State, San Antonio and Austin are two popular cities. San Antonio is marked with lively Hispanic culture that pounds the whole city, while Austin is very vibey. Although the two cities are just an hour's drive away from each other, they exhibit unique cultures. It is needless to say that both cities possess beauty as well as advantages, although some are debatable. In this article, we will try to emphasize how San Antonio gets a better score than Austin.

Cost of Living

If you have noticed the trend of rents in Austin, you will see that the rents there are increasing, making it extremely hard to get affordable but nice housing. But in San Antonio, you can find a nice apartment at an affordable price and these housings are very common in the area so you will not have a hard time finding one for you and your family.

When it comes to the rate on renting, Austin is around 40 percent more expensive as compared to San Antonio. Aside from the cheaper rents in San Antonio, living in San Antonio is commonly more affordable as compared to living in Austin.

Furthermore, it is cited that a salary of $50,000 when living in San Antonio should increase to $57,692 when living in Austin. Although the increased grocery costs partially contribute to this roughly $8,000 difference, it is said that the major contributor to this is housing.


Now, regardless of the current cost of living and the city you are living in, finding a decent job is simply an essential thing to us. Job growth in San Antonio surpasses Austin and even the other cities in the state. This is because San Antonio has very strong leadership and it is very keen on pro-business development strategies.

San Antonio was even considered as one of the Enterprising Cities in the country in 2013, together with other six cities throughout the nation. The most demanding industries in San Antonio are hospitality and healthcare, although aviation, financial services, and technology also create flocks of industry catching the interests of investors, talent, and capital throughout the country.


Anyone in Austin would agree that the traffic there is bad. In fact, the condition of traffic in Austin is very bad that it can make you feel exhausted at the end of the day. Forbes Magazine even stated that the traffic in Austin ranks fourth being the worst in the state. The meteoric growth in the city as well as its failure to put up more roads and lanes to reinforce it are the primary reasons why the traffic in Austin is getting even worse. But why would you allow yourself to suffer in the long traffic each day of your life?

You should start seeing San Antonio as your new home. It is not that San Antonio does not have traffic. However, the traffic in San Antonio is definitely not as bad in Austin.


Well, when it comes to food, either San Antonio or Austin can make you full. However, the cost involved in the food scenes is something you will have to consider first. Restaurants in Austin are undoubtedly great, however, they are significantly more expensive. San Antonio’s selection of divine Mexican food along with other delectable foods is both outstanding and affordable.

Nevertheless, the highlight in this story is the Mexican dish called Taco, which has been elated to a kind of art in San Antonio. You haven’t really tried the best of taco until you get the chance to grab one in San Antonio.


The population in San Antonio already reached 1.4 million. This is actually twice the population of Austin. But despite that, San Antonio manages to exude friendliness and brag the true sense of community.

San Antonio is more diversified compared to Austin and it exhibits a simple vibe. This could mean that you will likely sensibly meet different kinds of people.


San Antonio is the home of Hispanic culture that infiltrates the entire city. The local markets suggest the eatery space and vendor serve up and exhibit all types of works. This has given the city a very colorful and vibrant ambiance.


If Austin has ACL and SXSW, San Antonio has Fiesta. San Antonio’s Fiesta is celebrated in April with usually more than a hundred events conducted throughout the city. The events in the Fiesta are comprised of three major parades, live music, a four-night block party, sporting events, and food stands. The funds earned from the celebrations are then used to offer services to the residents of San Antonio. This is because, in San Antonio, the community is given importance.


There you have it! You now have an idea how San Antonio differs from Austin. Austin could be a lovable place, however, San Antonio offers more reasons for liveability. Considering the cost of living, jobs, traffic, food, community, and culture, San Antonio can offer more advantages.

You can explore San Antonio to have an actual experience of these things. Once you experience living in San Antonio, you will surely realize how satisfying it is to live here. This is not to discourage you or stop you from living in Austin. It is still your choice. However, our objective is to make you see the good things in San Antonio so you can come up with a good decision.

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