San Antonio Traffic: As Big a Mess as You Thought

Say it ain’t so ‒‒ the beautiful River City? Cradle of Texas freedom? Bogged down by traffic congestion to make grown men weep into their steering wheels?

Alas, ‘tis true. San Antonio has a traffic problem, and not just San Antonians know it. According to TRIP, a D.C.-based transportation research group, San Antonio has five of the top 50 most “pressing transportation challenges” in Texas. So try not to be surprised that some areas of the city are graveyards for forward momentum in the car

1. I-410 between San Antonio International Airport at (US-281) and I-35

Probably the most famous highway in San Antonio, the 410 is not always famous in a good way. And this seven-mile stretch is probably the worst piece of it. Lots of cars driving rather fast often make this section of the 410 dicey to drive. And if there’s an accident, you’ll have plenty of time to contemplate life waiting for the road to clear up.

2. I-35 near Loop-410 and FM-3009

A main trucker route, this stretch of highway is simply unable to support the amount of traffic it hosts in a given day. What’s worse, there is nothing in the works that would attempt to relieve the congestion. Be prepared to read a lot of license plates while you crawl through.

3. I-35 between Loop 1604 and FM-3009

Not far removed from Item No. 2 above, this piece of road is equally notorious for crawling traffic. Even the Texas Department of Transportation said this segment had the region’s worst traffic jams.

4. U.S. 281 from Loop 1604 to Stone Oak

According to the TxDOT, this outdated piece of roadway is the 32nd most congested in the state. It’s also a long ride ‒‒ almost 30 miles from the Northeast Side, past McAllister park and the airport.

5. I-35 from Loop 410 to Loop 1604

Pretty much any part of I-35 near downtown is bad, and this is no exception. TxDOT put it just behind Item No. 4 above as one of the most congested thoroughfares in the entire state.

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