How to Remove Your Personal Touches Before Selling

Your Bandera County home is likely a reflection of you. It is the place where you raise your family and spend time together. As such, your home likely has numerous personal effects. However, it is these personal touches that could turn buyers off or distract them from your home. Here’s how to de-personalize your home before selling:

  • Take down the family photos that line the wall – Your family photo wall is your pride and joy, but to buyers it does little more than distract them. It is best to take down personal photographs and replace them with inexpensive mirrors or artwork, as this will allows buyers to imagine themselves in your home; not remind them that the home belongs to you.
  • Remove your collections – Your doll collection lining the living room mantel or your collection of spoons along the kitchen wall are very important to you, but not to buyers. When selling your Bandera County home, part of depersonalizing it means removing personal effects like collections. Collections of anything in your home clutter rooms and may distract buyers from noticing the room’s many features. In other words, how can you expect buyers to appreciate the beautiful living room fireplace if your dolls are blocking it?
  • Put away mail and other personal information – Before showing your home make sure all personal information about you and your family is safely tucked away. From the mail on the kitchen table to your checkbook and last week’s paystub, it is important to never give buyers access to your personal or financial information. If you have a locked desk or drawer, use it, and always make sure money and credit cards are also under lock and key.
  • Remove hobbies or other personal effects – Because it is unlikely that buyers will have an appreciation for your hobbies or other personal interests, it is best to put away things such as mounted deer heads, gun displays, craft supplies and your stack of DVDs. Keep in mind, also, that it is possible that some buyers may be offended by certain personal items, so it is always a good idea to make your home as neutral and de-personalized as possible before the first buyer walks through the door.
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