Moving out: How to Pack like a Professional

If you are moving on and you don’t want to spend a fortune on professional packers and movers then it pays to learn a little about packing before you embark upon such a large task.Packing takes a bit more finesse than just throwing things into a box and taping it up; if you want to your possessions to remain safe and undamaged, and if you want to remain neat and organized, then it pays to learn how to pack like a professional:

  • The moment you realize you are moving, begin packing. This may seem a bit premature, but you will be glad you got a head-start. Begin by packing off-season items, such as holiday décor. You can also begin packing fragile, rarely used items, such as china and stemware. Gather newspapers and bubble wrap and take care to pack each fragile item separately. Most importantly, do not over-pack the box. Finally, mark it clearly before heading onto the next box.
  • Start a color-coded system for the rooms in your home. Purchase colored stickers from your local office supply store and assign each room in your home with a certain color. You can then use the stickers to mark the boxes as you pack them. Unpacking is often much easier when you can simply scan the room for a particular sticker color.
  • This is a great time to hold a garage sale and to donate items to a local charity. As you move throughout your Alamo Heights home, begin making a pile of items that you no longer want or need. Then, further separate the items into those you want to sell and those you want to donate.
  • Keep all important documents close at hand so that they don’t become packed away when you need them most.
  • Ask a family member or close friend to store valuable items for you until after your move, if possible, as to avoid losing or breaking them in the move.
  • Contact a moving company or reserve a moving company as soon as you learn of your moving date. It is always best to plan ahead when it comes to reserving your moving arrangements!
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