Moving and Packing Tips

Relocating along with all of your belongings may seem like a tedious task. Indeed, there are so many things you need to declutter, label, pack, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

However, preparing for the big day of your move doesn’t have to feel overwhelming; not even the slightest bit. We will arm you with the best moving and packing tips our experts have in their sleeves (and are not selfish to keep them for themselves!)

What you need to do is to plan and organize everything in advance. And here is where we kick in by sharing you all the essential highlights you want to follow.

Finally, you can simply enjoy the beautiful journey which marks the beginning of a new chapter in your life while leaving the annoying fuss behind.

Stage 1 of Packing and Moving Like a Pro

In this section, we will cover everything you want to learn about being well-prepared for the move without having to lose your nerves down the way. As a rule of thumbs remember that moving and packing go hand in hand. The sooner you get your stuff organized, the better!

1 - Be Well-Prepared

One of the worst mistakes which can cause you to stress out during the big day of moving is to realize you do not have enough boxes available. Sure, it may seem as if you have everything neatly packed but the thing is, one never knows. It’s much wiser to be well-prepared on that note than having to run around in a silent hysteria trying to figure where the heck you can get a few extra boxes.

Thus, don’t be shy of ordering multiple boxes of various sizes. After all, you can easily recycle or repurpose the ones you fail to utilize.

Nevertheless, opt for boxes of all sizes. It’s not just large or medium-sized boxes that will turn out useful but small ones, too.

2 - Pack Smartly

Packing smartly means being able to tell where and what do you have available in all those boxes, flooding your living room. And the kitchen, and the bedroom (and anywhere else you may be storing your packed belongings).

But what’s more, during the very process of packing you need to make sure you do your best to protect your belongings. That means paying extra care and attention when dealing with fragile items because you don’t want to suffer the heartbreaking feeling of arriving at the new location just to see your favorite stuff broken or damaged.

3 - Get More Packing Supplies

Much like with boxes, don’t be shy when ordering and using packing extra packing supplies. For instance, packing paper works best, as opposed to bubble wrap, newspapers, and plastics. But in the case you run out of packing supplies, this can ruin your day, especially in the case the moving date is near and you already have plenty of other important tasks to deal with.

Just like the good old saying goes - it’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

Stage 2: It’s All About Brilliant Organization

Okay, so you have followed all the wonderful tips we just listed above. So now what? Well, it’s time to polish your organization skills. These skills are not solely related to helping you out during the big move. Instead, you also want to be able to unpack your new home in a breeze. Here is what you need to know.

1 - The Secret Rule of Successful Packing

The top two secret rules of successful packing will truly help you enjoy relocating instead of cursing the entire process and wishing that you can simply slap your own disorganized self in the face.

First off, you want to place heavy items in small boxes. Yep, the heavier load - the smaller the box. Doing so will help you (and the people who are there of your assistance) to move the boxes effortlessly. Remember, you don’t want to over-pack your boxes, too.

Secondly, (that’s a golden piece of advice!) you want to pack each box in the same room where your stuff belongs. For example, when packing your dishes - leave the box in the kitchen, just where the dishes are. Doing so both when you move, as well as when you unpack will be of tremendous help.

2 - Mark your Boxes!

As easy as this one sounds, there are so many people who underestimate the importance of labeling each box. It will take you only a few seconds to mark every box and be able to tell what’s inside without having to get frustrated. Plus, besides from being a helpful trick when packing and moving, this is also extremely useful when you unpack. Hooray, a double win-win!

3 - Less Stress, More

Fun & More Work Done We’re not going to fall into some fluffy, cotton-candied talk in here. Just keep in mind one single rule: forget about packing during the moving day. This is one of the most annoying decisions you can make.

With all the things you will need to get done, all the people you will have to deal with, the last thing you want when the day X of relocating kicks in is having to keep fighting with packing your belongings (or wondering did you really manage to take all the essentials you need).

How to Help Movers Pack and Transport your Belongings Best?

Finally, let’s take a super quick overview on the no-nonsense tips which will help you get along easier and more efficiently with the movers.

1 - Be Ready for the Move!

Then again, packing + moving day = a bad, bad decision. You want to have everything ready to rock and roll when the movers’ crew shows up. Respect their time just like they respect yours. Keep in mind that movers follow a tight schedule and you can pretty much ruin their day by causing a last-minute-fussing-around.

2 - Keep Your Most Precious Belongings Handy

Don’t toss important items, such as prescription medications and/or jewelry along with all the rest of the boxes. The same rule refers to cash. It’s not because the movers will want to damage your precious belongings but you simply don’t want to take any risks on that note.

Instead of having to feel worried, as well as make the movers feel worried about being responsible for that type of belongings, simply take these with you.

3 - Label and Organize Your Boxes

Okay, so you have your boxes labeled, and that’s the way to go. When it comes to the movers, make their job (and your unpacking tasks) easier by letting them know which boxes to carry in first and which ones to carry in last. The boxes which are loaded last will the most easily accessible upon arrival.

4 - Notify the Movers About Essential Details in Advance

Try to think about all the essential details which will help both you and the movers finish up with loading your belongings as quickly as possible. For example, let the moving company know where is the best place to park the moving truck. Also, you may want to provide useful information on accessing your place effortlessly if there are possible milestones on that note.

5 - Save Time & Efforts

Last but not least, you can save both yours, as well as the movers time and efforts by dissembling some of the furniture yourself. This doesn’t have to be a back-breaking task when it comes to small-sized items. Plus, make sure you remove all unnecessary stuff from the surface of the furniture before the movers arrive.

We hope that you enjoyed our list of packing and moving tips just as much as we enjoyed compiling with. Wish you a happy moving!

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