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VIP Realty agents are top-producers in their field. Their expertise in the areas of residential real estate, commercial real estate and apartment leasing is unmatched. They simply provide clients with the best service in the business.

If you’re looking to be part of the best residential real estate team in San Antonio, VIP is the right place to be. Or maybe you’re a commercial real estate expert who understands the needs of today’s businesses. Clients are looking for an agent who will have a firm understanding of local leasing conditions and will possess the tools necessary to negotiate a favorable lease or real estate transaction, and VIP’s team is unparalleled.

Or maybe you want to specialize in helping business professionals find short-term…

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Unless you’re a skilled tradesperson or home repair expert, there are things you likely can’t (or probably shouldn’t) do yourself around the house. Often enough, your attempts to save some money by tackling a project yourself will just take longer and cost more when you have to hire a contractor to fix what you did wrong anyway. The safest rule of thumb is, when in doubt about your own abilities, call a professional.

Projects You Can Do

There are lots of projects you can do on your own that will save money and not (usually) cause any major issues if something goes wrong. Painting is one, particularly interior walls and ceilings. A few buckets of paint, some brushes and drop cloths, and a little elbow grease can save you hundreds of dollars and,…

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Texas real estate has felt the pinch of the economy in the last couple of years, but nothing like what the rest of the country has suffered, and there are still many opportunities for real estate agents to make a great living wile doing what they love doing most.

Whether you are working in Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, and Austin VIP has opportunities for the agent that is ready reach new, and higher levels in home sales. The real estate market is not flowing like honey into the valley these days, but for sharp professionals with a goal, the current situation is a mere hiccup, in the over picture of the industry. There are hundreds of brokers that Texas licensed real estate agents can work for, and there are huge differences in many. Some will just do…

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The real estate downfall of 2009 left in its wake a number of victims; and not just homeowners. Many real estate agents all across San Antonio found themselves struggling to keep up with, well, a struggling market. And the fact of the matter is not many of them survived. However, while other real estate companies were fighting to keep their heads above water VIP Realty was growing by leaps and bounds.

The Secret Behind our Success

The secret to VIP Realty’s success is no secret, really. It all comes down to the innovative way in which VIP Realty allows it agents to control their own destiny, all the while enjoying unlimited income potential. Once in a while a company comes along that bucks the trends and looks at the real estate industry in a whole…

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If you are looking for a way to jumpstart your real estate career, look no further than VIP Realty. With VIP Realty you will have every opportunity and advantage a real estate professional could want or need to be successful.  We are looking for dedicated Realtors to join our team and be a part of the fastest growing and most innovative real estate company in Texas. With VIP Realty your earning potential is unlimited.

We offer: Several plans to choose from:

Plan 1 (100% commission plan)

Plan 2 (80/20 Agent-Broker Split)

Plan 3 (50/50 Agent-Broker Split).

Contact VIP Realty for further details, and choose the plan best suited for you. Among the advantages VIP Realty has to offer over other real estate agencies is our high profile internet…

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There is one certainty: VIP Realty is unlike any other real estate firm! As many other real estate companies are suffering due to last year’s lackluster economy and housing market crisis, VIP Realty actually has too many leads and not enough agents! Now may be the best time to join VIP Realty and become a part of one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Texas! The allure of VIP Realty, for most agents, is sure to be our customizable commission plan. In short, VIP Realty allows you to control your real estate career while holding onto your hard-earned commissions!

Your Commission Choices

Unlike other real estate firms, VIP Realty allows you to choose a commission plan that best suits your experience and your goals. From a 100 percent sales…

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Our real estate team is growing by leaps and bounds, and we are currently on the hunt for only the most highly motivated individuals to join our team! Are you currently in the real estate field and you are experiencing frustration over the inflexibility and the unfair commission plans that are being offered to you? If so, then you owe it to yourself to see why VIP Realty is far different than other real estate companies.

We have a proven track record of success, and our agents are some of the top earners in the field. If you desperately want to control your own destiny and custom-fit your real estate business then VIP Realty is the company for you!

  • Our innovative commission plans allow our realtors to decide how much – or how little – assistance…

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New offices in Austin, Houston and San Antonio, new franchises in Collin Country and amazing programs and incentives have all secured VIP Realty's position as San Antonio's Premier Real Estate Firm.  VIP Realty is a testament to the fact that, although the national economy is weak and the housing market is tough, there are plenty of opportunities to be had in the real estate market.

VIP Realty's Popular Programs Take the Lead

VIP Realty's success lies in its advantageous programs, including the written guarantee that assures buyers that they will receive a written offer within 60 days of listing their San Antonio property. If the sellers do not receive a written offer on their home within 60 days of listing it, VIP Realty will sell their home for…

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When we want to buy or sell a property in San Antonio we cannot do it all by ourselves. We need to get help from San Antonio Realtors who will make the entire process manageable. Buying or selling a real estate property involves paperwork. For some of us this paperwork can turnout to be a real nightmare. When we hire a San Antonio Realtor, they will help us with the paperwork too. However, how do we really find the best San Antonio Realtors? Here are few points that you should take into consideration while selecting your San Antonio Realtors. First of all, the real estate agent that you choose should be reliable.

As real estate dealings involve a lot of money, we need to find a trustworthy realtor who will have straightforward dealings. If they have…

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Thanks to the convenience of the Internet, and technology such as Internet Data Exchange (IDX), searching for a San Antonio home has never been easier.


 VIP Realty recognizes the importance of a comprehensive, easy-to-use home search engine and has therefore developed a series of search tools to facilitate your home search. Using all of the information from the San Antonio MLS, VIP Realty obtains all pertinent home information through the San Antonio Board of Realtors (SABOR) and puts into an easily searchable format. Whether you're searching for your next San Antonio home by zip code, by MLS number or by county, VIP Realty makes the search effortless. 

Additional search engines enable you to search by property type,…

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