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Even in this age of savvy homeowners, summer vacation remains a time when burglars do their best business. Fortunately, a few prevention tips can help keep you from becoming a target for crooks.

Keep Your Plans Off Facebook

Social media is as great for finding out you won’t be home for a week as it is for catching up with old friends. Even if your privacy settings are top-notch, a wily crook can gain access to your feed and see that you won’t be anywhere near home. Worse, he knows exactly when you’ll be gone and exactly when you’re coming back, so he can take his sweet time checking out your home.

Forget the Hidden Keys

The word is out about stashing spare house keys under door mats or in fake rocks. Burglars are at least smart enough to know…

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There are often an endless number of things to fret over when selling a property. And, for most homeowners, the pinnacle of stress usually comes during the home inspection. Often times, home inspections can cost sellers money, and even a real estate deal. So, it only makes sense to consider a pre-inspection when selling your home as to eliminate the stress of a home inspection.

What is a pre-home inspection?

A pre-home inspection is a home inspection paid for by the seller before listing their home for sale. Instead of waiting to find out a home’s problems when the buyer requests a home inspection, the seller has a home inspection completed before they even list their home. There’s nothing quite like having the shock of a poor home inspection hit you…

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Selling a home is often a stressful endeavor, so finding ways to reduce that stress is almost always appreciated by homeowners. Although there are many things you simply can’t control when selling your home, such as market conditions and activity, there is something you can do to ease your stress level and make the process go much smoother: hire a great realtor with plenty of experience.

An experienced Realtor is, perhaps, never more appreciated than when a homeowner is able to sell his home for the best price and in the least amount of time. Here are just a few reasons why seller agents with experience are invaluable:

  • An experienced agent will understand current and local market conditions and adjust her sales and marketing strategy to…

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You’ve painted the walls, laid down new carpeting, and updated the foyer light fixture. But unless you’ve addressed the outside of your home, you’re not quite done preparing your home to sell. In short, curb appeal is a very important part of selling your Fort Sam Houston home – one that you cannot afford to overlook. Luckily, however, there are a number of things you can tackle in a weekend that will improve your home’s curb appeal so it will stand out among the crowd of other houses for sale:

  1. Cut back overgrown plants and trees – One of the easiest ways to spruce up your landscaping is to cut back any overgrown trees and shrubs. Make sure the path to your house is cleared of any shrubbery or low-hanging branches, and make sure the façade of your…

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Even in a down market, real estate will move, provided it meets certain criteria. In other words, if you address all aspects of preparing and marketing your home, you can realistically expect your Fort Sam Houston home to sell. However, if you fail to do so, you could be faced with an expired listing. If you don’t want to be another casualty of the shaky real estate market, you must take care of three, key issues, which include:

  • The condition of your home – You simply can’t expect buyers to want to purchase your Fort Sam Houston home if the home is in poor condition. Because today’s real estate market is still a decidedly buyer’s market, buyers are looking to purchase homes that they can move into; not homes that need a considerable amount of work.…

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Your Bandera County home is likely a reflection of you. It is the place where you raise your family and spend time together. As such, your home likely has numerous personal effects. However, it is these personal touches that could turn buyers off or distract them from your home. Here’s how to de-personalize your home before selling:

  • Take down the family photos that line the wall – Your family photo wall is your pride and joy, but to buyers it does little more than distract them. It is best to take down personal photographs and replace them with inexpensive mirrors or artwork, as this will allows buyers to imagine themselves in your home; not remind them that the home belongs to you.
  • Remove your collections – Your doll collection lining the living…

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You’ve done everything right – or so you think – to sell your home. You’ve priced it right and sat back and waited for the onslaught of offers. However, a few months later and no offers have you rethinking your plan for selling your Live home.

Pricing your home to sell may only be one part of the equation. It is important to understand that most home buyers of today want homes that appeal to them; homes that they feel welcome in; homes that they get a warm, fuzzy feeling about. After all, much of the home buying process involves emotions. With that in mind, are you doing everything you can to appeal to your buyers? The following tips may help you create the mood to attract your buyers:

  • Let the sun shine in – A dark home doesn’t show well. It makes…

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There are a number of things you can do increase the chances of selling your home, but there is nothing better than showing buyers that you are interested, serious and motivated to sell your home. Once you have shown buyers that your serious about selling your Alamo Heights home you will likely see an increase in activity, which will likely lead to a few serious offers. There are a number of things you can do today to make sure that you show buyers you are more than ready to sell your Alamo Heights home:

  • Price it Right – The absolute best way to show your intentions and your willingness to sell is to price your home right. Sure, you can price it according to what you want to get for it, but in the end it won’t do you a bit of good. Frankly, buyers…

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As the year progresses, many homeowners are more than a little confused as to whether it is a good ideal to sell their home.  However, now may be a good time to reevaluate your needs and wants and decide whether or not to list your Terrell Hills home for sale. Although this year remains uncertain, the market will likely improve. So, the question is: should you sell your Terrell Hills home now?

  • Right now, there is a healthy supply of Terrell Hills’ homes for sale on the market. However, as the year moves on, there will likely be an even bigger supply of homes on the market as many sellers look to move during the summer months. So what better time to get into the market and leave your mark than now, as all the other homeowners wait by the sidelines?

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Selling your home is a bit of an art these days. Gone are the days of the real estate boom when all we needed to do to sell a home was to slap a “for sale” sign up in the front yard. Instead, buyers are more particular, mainly because there is an influx of homes on the market. In other words, if your home isn’t well kept and updated, the house next door probably is.

The bottom line is that homebuyers these days want turn-key homes; homes that they can settle into without much repair or updating. Aside from the obvious rule of performing all home repairs before listing your Helotes’ homefor sale, there are a number of things you can tackle in a weekend to make your home more desirable to homebuyers. So, what are you waiting for, weekend warrior? Roll up…

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