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There are a number of reasons to love Terrell Hills: it excellent location near San Antonio; its top-rated schools; and, of course, it’s beautiful homes. Large lots are commonplace in Terrell Hills, thereby providing an added degree of privacy to the residents of this San Antonio suburb. Terrell Hills is served by both the Alamo Heights Independent School District and the North East Independent School District. Must of the homes of Terrell Heights have either been extensively remodeled or torn down in place of more expansive homes. The homes in this area are rich in architectural detail and character, both of which are highly desired by home buyers in San Antonio. The homes of Terrell Hills are generally a lovely mix of mid-twentieth century architecture,…

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Alamo Heights has always been known as an old-fashioned city with a family-oriented, small-town atmosphere. Residents of Alamo Heights have always reveled in the quiet surroundings, the cozy homes and the open land. The easy commute in and out of the city has always been a bright spot for residents, as well, as they are able to enjoy both small-town living and the opportunities and excitement of a large city. Alamo Heights has always boasted a strong real estate market in San Antonio.

The homes in this area are revered for their location along quiet, tree-lined streets, as well as for their blend of architecture, including Mediterranean, contemporary and Spanish. In addition, along any given street in Alamo Heights you may see gorgeous, historic homes…

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The Texas Hill Country is home to one of the most successful, master-planned communities in Texas, if not the country. This exclusive, private community is home to several enclaves, all of which feature only the finest living and only the best services and amenities. It only makes sense then that retirement living in the Dominion be just as superb. And, true to its name, the Dominion offers retirees upscale living in its retirement enclave, Independence Village. This private retirement community reminds one of a quaint, Italian countryside, where fine, Mediterranean homes and outstanding architecture, highlighted by exquisite landscaping, can be found at every turn.

Excellent Quality of Life

Often referred to as a retreat from daily living,…

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Just four or five miles outside of Downtown San Antonio lie some of the prettiest, safest neighborhoods in the area. With an emphasis on open spaces, the preservation of natural light and tree populations, and the well-being of their citizens, these San Antonio Select Neighborhoods offer a quality of life that is unparalleled. Located to the north of the city, this is one of the fastest growing segments of San Antonio residential real estate. 

Tempting Terrell Hills

Consistently among the pricier of the San Antonio select neighborhoods, Terrell Hills boasts mostly newer construction as older, smaller bungalows were removed and replaced with graceful, stately manors. Even for those who cannot afford to purchase one of these beautiful homes, Terrell…

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Like many of the other, upscale suburbs of San Antonio, Terrell Hills has experienced an influx of buyers over the last, few years, many of which are looking to tear down older homes in lieu of stately homes on prime lots. From the spacious lots to the high-end properties, Terrell Hills has become quite an exclusive neighborhood in San Antonio. In fact, Terrell Hills is actually considered a city, as it has its own mayor and emergency response services.


Although there has been a lot of action as of late regarding new construction in Terrell Hills, this eclectic community still has quite a few, mid-20th century ranch homes and small bungalows. It is therefore not uncommon to see interesting, varied architecture in this community. With just a short,…

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Historian T.R. Fehrenback once said the following to describe Alamo Heights, “Alamo Heights, whatever else it is, reflects three qualities: good government, stable neighborhoods, and a feeling of intimacy.”  As one of the most popular and sought after neighborhoods in the greater San Antonio area, Alamo Heights continues to live up to this historians lofty words. Serving as home to families and professionals alike, the Alamo Heights luxury market experiences a high demand for its homes.

Early Government Protected the City’s Natural Beauty

The original founders of Alamo Heights had one stipulation for those who came after them…that they not cut down the many trees in the area. Early settlers recognized the natural beauty of the area and sought to…

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Life is good in Alamo Heights. From its prime proximity to San Antonio, to its quiet, suburban lifestyle, Alamo Heights has certainly earned its title as "the friendliest city in Texas."  Unlike some of the other suburbs of San Antonio, Alamo Heights attracts residents of many different income levels and backgrounds.

Living in Alamo Height is generally affordable, thus providing opportunities for a wider array of people. Situated in Bexar County, next to Terrell Hills, Alamo Heights' residents enjoy easy access in and around San Antonio, thanks to several, major roadways, including Interstates 35, 10, 410 and US Route 281. There are many professionals that enjoy an easy commute back and forth between Alamo Heights and downtown San Antonio. In fact, the…

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Many of the custom homes in Champions Ridge and Champions Run are Tuscan, English or Mediterranean inspired. The median list price for a home in San Antonio’s Champions Ridge and Champions Run, as of July 2000, was $749,000.. However, today, most of the newly listed homes top well above $1 million.  It is not uncommon to see real estate in these neighborhoods boasting five bathrooms, five bedrooms, and loads of upscale amenities, such as oversized lots, high-end outdoor spaces and gourmet kitchens, to say the least.

Townhome Living in Champions Village

Nearby, however, a different picture is developing. The Harrison Group is set to develop townhomes in a new development called Champions Village. The first phase of this community, which is set to have…

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There's no question about it: Alamo Heights is a highly desirable San Antonio city that is best known for its excellent sense of community, its superb level of living and its fantastic array of middle to upper-class real estate. Those individuals looking for luxury will have no trouble finding luxury real estate in this quaint suburb, which boasts excellent real estate options, including high-end condos, estate properties and grand homes on expansive lots.

It's easy to see why as you begin navigating the serene, picturesque streets with their impressive array of spacious homes. A quick view of Alamo Heights' current real estate reveals a large, five-bedroom estate property for $2.8 million, a four-bedroom, four-bathroom home for $958,000 and a more…

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Buying and selling land in Texas has always be a very exciting thing, since the real estate market in this State is very dynamic and active, despite the general skepticism because of the current economical situation. San Antonio TX is one of the areas that have been expanding and its market has been progressively growing, due to a combination of factors, such as the relatively low cost of life, the friendly weather, it’s convenient location and active economy.

What more to ask for a good quality of life? San Antonio and its surroundings offer a great variety of beautiful houses and most importantly in very affordable prices. According to researches and statistics of the Economic Development Foundation, prices in San Antonio houses are more than 25%…

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