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In addition to providing you with a break on your income taxes, through your mortgage interest and your property taxes, and providing you with a steady housing payment for the next 20 or 30 years, owning a home has other financial incentives – incentives you may have not considered!

  • Owning a home allows you to build equity for future use!

Building equity in your Terrell Hills homeis one of the biggest reasons people choose buying over renting. Even if you do very little to improve your home, it will likely increase in value over the years based on market conditions. The equity in your home is like a savings account that builds up without you even adding anything to it! In other words, the equity in your home is like your own personal savings…

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Although the real estate market has experienced its share of difficulties and struggles over the past, three years, it is still important to realize that owning a Dominion propertystill continues to be a smart investment. Here are the top reasons why buying a home is still a great investment:

  1. You pay less income tax – Because your home payments go directly to your lender for your mortgage (instead of to your landlord for rent payments), you can save thousands of dollars in income tax each year. This is because homeowners can deduct the interest of their mortgage payments, as well as their property taxes, when they file their federal income tax return each year. In addition to a single-family home, consider that purchasing a condo or even a mobile home…

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Although not all of San Antonio has a reason to cheer, the luxury home market certainly does. The lower price points in the San Antonio real estate market update are still struggling to maintain ground, but the luxury home market is witnessing a flurry of activity; everything from multiple offers to cash deals. John Flournoy, has even gone so far as to call the San Antonio real estate market a “tale of two cities.” He goes on to say that “we’re seeing people come out of the rental pool because they’ve been able to sell their homes elsewhere.”

The entry level market in San Antonio, however, can’t say the same, and it seems that gas prices are to blame. Many people, with fears of increasing gas prices, are now finding that their budgets aren’t stretching…

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Texas is fortunate that it did not have quite the fall out with foreclosures, the lack of jobs that the rest of the country is still recovering from right now. The outlook for the San Antonio real estate market is on the upswing in many sectors, but homes remain a buyers market for the time being. This is due to the tightened rules on approving just about any type of home loans. The sub prime lenders are gone and will not return any time soon, so home shoppers with bad credit would better spend their time restoring their credit to good standing.  

Currently homes in the Alamo City, are great targets for investors, and real estate flippers that have the cash to invest, and time to wait until the economy is in a bull market once again. Otherwise a large…

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The San Antonio commercial real estate market has certainly experienced its share of ups and downs over the past couple years. It feels rather good, then, to say that 2010 will go down as the year of the rebound for the San Antonio commercial real estate market. This was, by far, the major theme of the 2010 San Antonio/South Texas CCIM Real Estate Symposium, which was recently held at the J.W. Marriott at the San Antonio Hill County Resort and Spa.

Goodbye to 2009

Much of the talk at this year’s Symposium was saying good-bye to the dismal 2009 and looking at the gains experienced during 2010. That’s not to say that 2010 wasn’t without its challenges but, when compared to 2009, it was a breath of fresh air, to say the least. To put the difference…

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San Antonio Board of REALTORS® reports median single-family home price up 0.2% in Oct-10 over Sep-10, sales fall to 1,054.

Oct-10 San Antonio Board of REALTORS® Regional Sales and Price Activity

San Antonio Board of REALTORS® Median Price Percent Change in Price from Prior Month Percent Change in Price from Prior Year Total # Units Percent Change in Sales from Prior Month Percent Change in Sales from Prior Year
  Oct-10 Sep-10 Oct-09 Oct-10 Sep-10 Oct-09
MLS Wide            
SABOR (Single Family) $143,250 0.2% 6.5% 1,054 -6.3% -29.1%
SABOR (Condo) $109,125 19.8% 14.9% 30 -21.1% -37.5%
SABOR Region Cities            

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Alamo Heights luxury homes are the epitome of wealth and grandeur. They are often tops when it comes to interior and exterior design and architecture, and any remodels are thoughtfully carried out so that luxury abounds. If you are looking to purchase or sell Alamo Heights luxury homes, or if you have a large remodel in mind, here is our list of some of the top remodeling trends found in luxury homes across America:

  • Home Automation – Just a click of a switch or the push of a button is all that’s needed to control any number of home gadgets and electronics throughout a luxury home. Home automation has become quite a popular concept over the last few years and, as a result, it is common to find home automation in luxury homes that controls everything…

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The San Antonio luxury home market is alive and fairly well, but nowhere near as hot a market as in the days prior to the country’s financial downturn. The federal tax credit incentives for new and move up home buyers isn’t expected to have much of an impact on the luxury market, since buyers at that level ( $500k + ) would usually not base a buy or not buy decision on the current home buying tax credits now in place. 

As resale home buyers see listing prices slowly beginning to rise in the first quarter of 2010, sales in the $200k price range are beginning to perk up considerably this spring, spurred on by federal tax incentives and very attractive buyer’s market conditions. However, for the most part, luxury properties in the San Antonio area are…

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No question the recession, as it has affected San Antonio. is showing definite signs of easing. Home prices, though slowly rising in appreciation are still affordable, and unemployment figures are slowly dropping. As to foreclosure sales in San Antonio as of the latest statistics available at this time –and subject to continuous fluctuation- there are 4,401 foreclosures on the market offered at a median price of $93,738, down 0.8% from February.

The Foreclosure Process

  • Pre-foreclosure: In pre-foreclosure the bank has served notice that the mortgage is in default, and the borrower is given a specific time to bring the mortgage payments up to date or face eviction and loss of the property (foreclosure.) During this time the property owner still has…

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San Antonio boasts a dynamic economy and a thriving housing market. In particular, San Antonio’ s luxury housing market is showing signs of excellent growth, thanks to an exceptional supply of luxury homes on the market. San Antonio luxury homes can be found in any number of luxury neighborhoods, including Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, the Dominion and Terrell Hills, just to name a few. From expansive lots to architecturally significant – and sometimes historic – homes, real estate in San Antonio is exquisite.

For many, it is no secret that the San Antonio luxury housing market is generally dynamic, given that the San Antonio economy continues to grow. From business and high-end corporate relocation to retirees heading where the weather is temperate and…

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