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Booming San Antonio has increasingly incredible city views, but you need to be in a high-rise to see them. And the luxury that comes with high-rise living in Alamo City is unparalleled. If you want the best in San Antonio high-rise living, check out these top buildings:

La Cascada

With 12 stories full of spacious floor plans and sweeping views, La Cascada has become the penthouse of choice in San Antonio. La Cascada is mere blocks from Riverwalk and the Blue Star Contemporary Arts Center. Much of the building has been renovated or built within the last 20 years to offer open floor plans, stylish design, rock fireplaces, full-length windows, and premium fixtures. The building also features a private lobby, garage parking, pool, rooftop views and…

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There is plenty of luxury in the River City, especially if you’re looking for fantastic views and a short walk to amenities.

1. The Broadway

The Broadway, at 4242 Broadway, is 21 floors of high-rise elegance in the heart of San Antonio. The building features three distinct levels of living, the Central, the Summit, and the Penthouse.

The Central Level, from floors 3 to 15, houses 64 residences between 1,262 square feet and nearly 3,700 square feet. Life in these 1-,2-, or 3- bedroom residences feature three unique finish styles. Residents enjoy keyed elevator access, climate-controlled storage, and an underground garage. Residents in the Summit, floors 16-19, have more room and more privacy. With only four residences per floor, residents live in…

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Living in a  Condo in San Antonio TexasSan Antonio condo living is simply fabulous. From young professionals to small families and empty nesters, condo living is often a smart choice when it comes to San Antonio living. The condo market in San Antonio is alive and well, thanks to the many amenities and services offered in these residences. Here are the top reasons why living in a condo is a great choice and why it pays to take another look at the condo market in San Antonio:  

  • Condos mean no maintenance and upkeep – If you want to own a home, but the idea of dealing with the maintenance and upkeep involved with owning a single-family home gives you a headache, then a condo may be perfect for you. Aside from the general upkeep of your home’s interior, a condo is a part of a building or…

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A condo is a great purchase for many people who want to own a home, but don’t want the hassles, upkeep and maintenance that go along with owning a single-family home. When shopping for an Adkins condo, it is important, because they are quite different from a single-family home, to consider a number of things:

  • HOA Fees – When purchasing a condo, you will likely pay HOA (homeowners association) fees. These fees, which are usually paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, are fees paid for maintaining and updating the property in which the condo is located and for amenities and services offered by the building. HOA fees may cover everything from landscaping and building repair to the cost of hiring security, valet staff or pool cleaners. When purchasing a…

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The Alamo city does have a few high rise options dotting the skyline, but this is one place that is more into rentals due to the tourist trade than selling. There are however some developers who have create four very upscale high-rise condominiumsfor those who enjoy a more Metropolitan lifestyle. People usually get their first taste of what high rise living is like on television, and the movies. Places like Manhattan, New York, and Chicago Illinois have been setting the standard for this opulent lifestyle, but they are available in every major city in the United States. Usually people want to enjoy a taste of resort living, with that five star hotel ambiance throw in for good measure will be the perfect buyer of these steel, and glass-encased homes.

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Where does the downtown San Antonio condo market stand? Perhaps the best answer to this question was found at the recent Downtown Alliance’s State of Downtown Luncheon at the West Riverwalk Hotel. This is where the downtown San Antonio condo market, along with the revitalization of the downtown area, was discussed by a number of city and business leaders. The main focus of the Downtown Alliance’s annual downtown luncheon was to discuss ways in which downtown San Antonio can become a more livable and workable community. And, as always, there are challenges that must be met head-on in this quest.

Condo Financing Problems still Exist

One of the current problems discussed at the annual luncheon includes obtaining financing for downtown condos. The…

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Downtown San Antonio condos are typically known for their luxury, even opulence, so it’s no wonder than developers are luring home buyers of downtown San Antonio condos in with fantastic websites that do more than just inform.  New, exciting, and interactive websites for downtown San Antonio condos are the norm for today’s condo developers. They know that their buyers are usually San Antonio professionals who must maximize their time, even when it comes to shopping for downtown San Antonio condos.

Exciting Websites Highlight Downtown Condos

As a result, a new breed of website is popping up for many of the downtown San Antonio properties, exciting condo developers and grabbing the interest of downtown San Antonio condo buyers everywhere.


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San Antonio’s high-rise condos are an attractive home choice for buyers who can appreciate the many amenities and conveniences condos have to offer, such as; convenient location - nearby to work, shopping, entertainment, etc., - security, state-of-the-art workout rooms, swimming pools, concierge services, maintenance crews and more. Many condos additionally offer on property dining facilities, salon services, card rooms and libraries. 

As with any property purchase, the newer and more upscale condos in the choicest neighborhoods, featuring the best views, oversized balconies, granite countertops, top-of-the line appliances, etc., can demand the highest prices, ranging from the $400,000s to even a million $ and up. However, many older more modestly…

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There are plenty of fantastic downtown San Antonio condosfrom which to choose. And, let’s face it, one is better than the other in terms of amenities, service and features. Along with owning downtown San Antonio condos, many condo owners belong to condo associations.

Many higher end properties have condo associations in place for their residents, thereby allowing the building and its residents to pay someone to manage and care for the property. If you are interested in purchasing one of the downtown San Antonio condos, you may wonder what exactly is involved with belonging to a condo association. Here are just some of the advantages of owning a property that is managed through a condo association:

  • A condo association takes the pressure off of…

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The beautiful new condo community of Vidorra has enjoyed great success, even amidst the fumbling economy and housing slump. Although one cannot dispute the many perks of living in this beautiful high-rise building, the developers of Vidorra also credit the success of the development to the partnership with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Wells Fargo Home Mortgage obtained approval for the joint venture just prior to Vidorra’s completion last year, thereby allowing buyers to receive competitive market rates, backed by one of the country’s largest banks.

Because condo buyers generally have a harder time obtaining financing for condominiums, this partnership with Wells Fargo home mortgage allowed many of the condo’s buyers to receive financing at very…

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