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Real estate construction projects have slowed down quite a bit, and there’s a perfectly good reason why; builders and developers are simply trying to fill up the space that they have already built.  Which means that office and retail space in San Antonio is both abundant and reasonable. For leasers, this may be a prime opportunity to snag a great office space lease, and for developers, it may be a time to get businesses into their spaces.

Although the San Antonio commercial real estate market is strong, particularly when compared to other areas of the country, many developers are nonetheless looking forward to getting construction up and running once again; and to do that, they must first lease the vacant space they already possess.

Building Remains…

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Northwest San Antonio has begun showing signs of stability, and Wereldhave, a Netherlands-based development firm, is one of the first to notice – and to take action. This development firm has plans to bring a high-end, mixed-use community to San Antonio, and the first part of the project is expected to debut as early as this fall. 

Two Class-A Office Buildings on the Horizon

The master-planned community envisioned by Wereldhave will have two, Class A office buildings, thereby boosting the sagging office market here in San Antonio. The office buildings will be a part of their master-planned project entitled “eilan.” The mixed-use community will measure a whopping 220,000 square feet and will cover about 118 acres, once completed. The first of the two…

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Texas is expected to lead the nation’s economic turnaround, beginning with slow and steady growth in 2010, and San Antonio is at the heart of this positive economic development. The San Antonio commercial real estate market will benefit as businesses and manufacturing try to meet the needs of an influx of new residents. Luckily the San Antonio commercial real estate market has fared better during the nationwide economic downturn than the rest of the nation, due largely to experiencing steady job growth while other places were facing rising unemployment. As we approach 2010, experts expect the overall economic health of San Antonio to improve, which will only serve to strengthen the San Antonio commercial real estate market.

New Businesses Bring More…

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The downturn in the national economy has forced many businesses to close offices or to downsize current operations. Even the San Antonio office space market has felt the pinch and has lost a few major players in the commercial sector.  Luckily, there have been other businesses ready and willing to step in and take over much of this vacated office space. Some of the largest office buildings occupied by corporate giants such as AT&T have seamlessly transitioned to new lease holders who are drawn to San Antonio’s economic stability.

Office Rentals Drop a Class

There are four classes of office space available to lease:

  • Class A – Situated in the best locations, these offices offer quality and prestige. Many come with great amenities. These office…

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San Antonio is a city rich in culture, history and excitement. The city's diverse workforce and low tax burden has long made it a hot spot for commercial activity. It is therefore no wonder that the commercial real estate market has reaped the rewards of a strong, healthy economy. 

There are many factors that come into play when speaking of an area's strong, local economy.  From its cost of living to its location and its housing market, a city can not experience a strong commercial sector - and therefore a strong commercial real estate market - if residents, businesses and corporations aren't drawn there. It's no wonder, then, why San Antonio has a thriving commercial sector. The following list details the top 10 reasons why San Antonio supplies the…

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The military industry continues to be a strong force in San Antonio’s commercial real estate market. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers recently awarded contracts to Fort Sam Houston for the construction of two, new barracks for Army personnel who will be taking courses at the Medical Education and Training Campus. 

The two contracts that were awarded by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers total about $118.7 million, and will provide barracks for about 1,800 Army medical trainees. This last set of contracts, which are designed for the ongoing development of the Medical Education and Training Campus at Fort Sam Houston, will consist of three dormitories. The Medical Education and Training Campus is part of the Base Realignment and Closure action, which was…

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It comes as no surprise to the residents of San Antonio, as well as the people who work here, that San Antonio is a hot spot for all things business. With a progressive, thriving economy, which has someone managed to dodge the bullet of the recession, San Antonio enjoys an excellent labor pool, a low cost of living and a superb quality of life. In fact, San Antonio was named by Forbes as the second most recession-proof city in the United States in 2008. Just some of the factors leading to this honorable position include its strong employment and its growing industries. 

Dynamic Business and Industry Continue to Drive the Region

From the military and government sectors to the manufacturing and biomedical sectors, the industries of San Antonio are a…

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