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If you are interested in building an Alamo Heights custom home, there are a number of things to consider. Because the home is custom, it is up to you, the homeowner, to make most of the decisions about the home; everything from the home’s structure to the kitchen faucet. Unlike builders who build a specific model home and leave little up to the home buyer as far as decisions go, a custom home is a creation that will most clearly reflect you. It will be a direct reflection of your tastes, your needs, your desires and, ultimately, your budget. Although each home builder will have its own set of options regarding your Alamo Heights custom home, the following list details custom home features that are often offered by a number of Alamo Heights custom home…

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You’ve painted the walls, laid down new carpeting, and updated the foyer light fixture. But unless you’ve addressed the outside of your home, you’re not quite done preparing your home to sell. In short, curb appeal is a very important part of selling your Fort Sam Houston home – one that you cannot afford to overlook. Luckily, however, there are a number of things you can tackle in a weekend that will improve your home’s curb appeal so it will stand out among the crowd of other houses for sale:

  1. Cut back overgrown plants and trees – One of the easiest ways to spruce up your landscaping is to cut back any overgrown trees and shrubs. Make sure the path to your house is cleared of any shrubbery or low-hanging branches, and make sure the façade of your…

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A condo is a great purchase for many people who want to own a home, but don’t want the hassles, upkeep and maintenance that go along with owning a single-family home. When shopping for an Adkins condo, it is important, because they are quite different from a single-family home, to consider a number of things:

  • HOA Fees – When purchasing a condo, you will likely pay HOA (homeowners association) fees. These fees, which are usually paid on a monthly or quarterly basis, are fees paid for maintaining and updating the property in which the condo is located and for amenities and services offered by the building. HOA fees may cover everything from landscaping and building repair to the cost of hiring security, valet staff or pool cleaners. When purchasing a…

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Even in a down market, real estate will move, provided it meets certain criteria. In other words, if you address all aspects of preparing and marketing your home, you can realistically expect your Fort Sam Houston home to sell. However, if you fail to do so, you could be faced with an expired listing. If you don’t want to be another casualty of the shaky real estate market, you must take care of three, key issues, which include:

  • The condition of your home – You simply can’t expect buyers to want to purchase your Fort Sam Houston home if the home is in poor condition. Because today’s real estate market is still a decidedly buyer’s market, buyers are looking to purchase homes that they can move into; not homes that need a considerable amount of work.…

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In addition to providing you with a break on your income taxes, through your mortgage interest and your property taxes, and providing you with a steady housing payment for the next 20 or 30 years, owning a home has other financial incentives – incentives you may have not considered!

  • Owning a home allows you to build equity for future use!

Building equity in your Terrell Hills homeis one of the biggest reasons people choose buying over renting. Even if you do very little to improve your home, it will likely increase in value over the years based on market conditions. The equity in your home is like a savings account that builds up without you even adding anything to it! In other words, the equity in your home is like your own personal savings…

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Although a home’s structure is a very important part of purchasing a home, there are other factors beyond the home’s four walls that also play an important part when deciding whether a New Braunfels propertyis right for you:

  • Yard – Even if a yard isn’t a very big deal to you in terms of your next home purchase, you will want to examine it to make sure it provides you with adequate privacy and personal space. For example, a home on a corner lot may seem like a great idea until you realize that your backyard is very small and is up against the neighbor’s backyard, thereby providing you with very little privacy. If you have small children, consider whether the yard’s location is safe and secured, and whether it is near a busy street or intersection.

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Before you begin looking at homes in your neighborhood or dreaming about the lovely Cape Cod on the corner, you must first find out whether owning a home is realistic at this point in your life. And to do this, you need to talk to a professional and get yourself preapproved for a home loan. A mortgage preapproval, which is done through a lender, is like a green light for buying your first home. It will determine whether your credit and income are sufficient for obtaining a home loan, and it will provide you with an accurate amount for which you can spend on a home. In short, a mortgage preapproval will arm you with the information you need to purchase a home. A mortgage preapproval, in addition to providing you with the information necessary for…

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Your Bandera County home is likely a reflection of you. It is the place where you raise your family and spend time together. As such, your home likely has numerous personal effects. However, it is these personal touches that could turn buyers off or distract them from your home. Here’s how to de-personalize your home before selling:

  • Take down the family photos that line the wall – Your family photo wall is your pride and joy, but to buyers it does little more than distract them. It is best to take down personal photographs and replace them with inexpensive mirrors or artwork, as this will allows buyers to imagine themselves in your home; not remind them that the home belongs to you.
  • Remove your collections – Your doll collection lining the living…

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Although the real estate market has experienced its share of difficulties and struggles over the past, three years, it is still important to realize that owning a Dominion propertystill continues to be a smart investment. Here are the top reasons why buying a home is still a great investment:

  1. You pay less income tax – Because your home payments go directly to your lender for your mortgage (instead of to your landlord for rent payments), you can save thousands of dollars in income tax each year. This is because homeowners can deduct the interest of their mortgage payments, as well as their property taxes, when they file their federal income tax return each year. In addition to a single-family home, consider that purchasing a condo or even a mobile home…

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The Dominion is the address of many of San Antonio’s celebrities and top executives. This premier, master-planned community is comfortably situated in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, and the real estate here is simply spectacular. In short, Dominion luxury home options are quite easy to find here. If you are looking to build you dream home in the Dominion, there are a number of the Dominion luxury home options because of the premier builders who build here.  

  • Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes – Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes is a homebuilder who has been in the business for 14 years. Kyle Lindsey is the President and CEO of Kyle Lindsey Custom Homes. This homebuilder has won three Summit awards, and Kyle serves at the President of the Custom Builder’s Council…

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