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May 2013

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The commercial real estate market in San Antonio has certainly been on the uptick in recent months, thanks to a rebounding economy and lower unemployment rates.  So it may be time to, once again, consider investing in the commercial real estate market.San Antonio Commercial real estate

Before you dive in, however, it may be best to first ask yourself a few questions to determine if you are ready to invest in the commercial real estate market or if you should wait by the sidelines a bit longer:

Am I prepared to manage commercial real estate?

For many people interested in commercial real estate, the biggest roadblock is managing the properties. Yes, you can certainly pay someone to do this for you, but then you are cutting out a large portion of your investment return. Instead, it may

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There are often an endless number of things to fret over when selling a property. And, for most homeowners, the pinnacle of stress usually comes during the home inspection. Often times, home inspections can cost sellers money, and even a real estate deal. So, it only makes sense to consider a pre-inspection when selling your home as to eliminate the stress of a home inspection.

What is a pre-home inspection?

A pre-home inspection is a home inspection paid for by the seller before listing their home for sale. Instead of waiting to find out a home’s problems when the buyer requests a home inspection, the seller has a home inspection completed before they even list their home. There’s nothing quite like having the shock of a poor home inspection hit you

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