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October 2011

Found 2 blog entries for October 2011.

In addition to providing you with a break on your income taxes, through your mortgage interest and your property taxes, and providing you with a steady housing payment for the next 20 or 30 years, owning a home has other financial incentives – incentives you may have not considered!

  • Owning a home allows you to build equity for future use!

Building equity in your Terrell Hills homeis one of the biggest reasons people choose buying over renting. Even if you do very little to improve your home, it will likely increase in value over the years based on market conditions. The equity in your home is like a savings account that builds up without you even adding anything to it! In other words, the equity in your home is like your own personal savings

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Although a home’s structure is a very important part of purchasing a home, there are other factors beyond the home’s four walls that also play an important part when deciding whether a New Braunfels propertyis right for you:

  • Yard – Even if a yard isn’t a very big deal to you in terms of your next home purchase, you will want to examine it to make sure it provides you with adequate privacy and personal space. For example, a home on a corner lot may seem like a great idea until you realize that your backyard is very small and is up against the neighbor’s backyard, thereby providing you with very little privacy. If you have small children, consider whether the yard’s location is safe and secured, and whether it is near a busy street or intersection.
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