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April 2011

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Texas is fortunate that it did not have quite the fall out with foreclosures, the lack of jobs that the rest of the country is still recovering from right now. The outlook for the San Antonio real estate market is on the upswing in many sectors, but homes remain a buyers market for the time being. This is due to the tightened rules on approving just about any type of home loans. The sub prime lenders are gone and will not return any time soon, so home shoppers with bad credit would better spend their time restoring their credit to good standing.  

Currently homes in the Alamo City, are great targets for investors, and real estate flippers that have the cash to invest, and time to wait until the economy is in a bull market once again. Otherwise a large

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Mortgage brokers are jumping ship left and right today, as lending institutions everywhere have tightened their purse strings, and no longer offering those easy to achieve sub prime loans. In Houston currently many home loan specialists are going to back to school for new career paths in order to make a living. In San Antonio, the real estate market is staying with its huge military base of homebuyers.

With Fort Sam Houston, plus Lackland, and Randolph air force bases teaming with support personnel looking to purchase single-family homes, the VA mortgage options for San Antonio homebuyers is a thriving industry. Whether they are still serving their country, are veterans, or retired there is a VA mortgage to fit a service person’s needs in the housing

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There are few people who enjoy living in the downtown area of any major city today, and San Antonio is no exception. The tourist trade keeps that area busy, noisy for a great part of each twenty-four hour cycle, at the end of the day the luxury living in Alamo Heights is going to be a much wiser choice for most professionals, and executives that work in town Monday through Friday. Just south of the San Antonio Airport sits this small municipality, that has a perfect mix of high-end custom homes, and great retro single-family homes from the thirties and forties. This bedroom community is considered one of the safest areas in the suburbs of the city, and has its own fire, and police departments to keep homes safe, quiet, and generally free of crime.


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The Alamo city does have a few high rise options dotting the skyline, but this is one place that is more into rentals due to the tourist trade than selling. There are however some developers who have create four very upscale high-rise condominiumsfor those who enjoy a more Metropolitan lifestyle. People usually get their first taste of what high rise living is like on television, and the movies. Places like Manhattan, New York, and Chicago Illinois have been setting the standard for this opulent lifestyle, but they are available in every major city in the United States. Usually people want to enjoy a taste of resort living, with that five star hotel ambiance throw in for good measure will be the perfect buyer of these steel, and glass-encased homes.

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