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June 2010

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As of early 2010, some 220,000 square feet of San Antonio office space comprising nearly 19 percent of available office space in the city remains vacant, posing a serious problem for commercial property owners.  Curiously, the per square foot cost of renting office space in San Antonio has increased some 17 cents per square foot since the last quarter of 2008, to a median cost of $20.41 per square foot as of this writing. However, under current market conditions landlords frequently will make concessions to a prospective tenant that may offset some of the rental cost.

An upturn in the nation’s economy coupled with the city’s friendly business climate and the commitment to San Antonio shown by such companies as Wells Fargo and the Tesoro Corporation,

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No question the recession, as it has affected San Antonio. is showing definite signs of easing. Home prices, though slowly rising in appreciation are still affordable, and unemployment figures are slowly dropping. As to foreclosure sales in San Antonio as of the latest statistics available at this time –and subject to continuous fluctuation- there are 4,401 foreclosures on the market offered at a median price of $93,738, down 0.8% from February.

The Foreclosure Process

  • Pre-foreclosure: In pre-foreclosure the bank has served notice that the mortgage is in default, and the borrower is given a specific time to bring the mortgage payments up to date or face eviction and loss of the property (foreclosure.) During this time the property owner still has
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A multipurpose building project for Texas A&M University-San Antonio was approved on Friday, March 26th. The project is scheduled to begin in April, and planned for completion by July, 2011. The building will occupy 700 acres of land between Zarzamora and Moursund Roads on the south side of Loop 410. The 91,000 square foot building will house the University library, the bookstore, student services, classrooms, faculty, administrative offices, a computer center, labs, and a food service facility. Despite a slowly recovering economy, San Antonio expects to see a moderate increase in new construction (about 6 percent) in 2010, mostly public works and utility projects.

  • More Real Estate Happenings Around Town
  • Fort Sam Houston: A multimillion dollar
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The San Antonio commercial real estate market, despite the upward momentum of the residential real estate market, is still struggling through the foreclosure mess. Unfortunately, the San Antonio commercial real estate market still makes up a large section of the San Antonio economy.

Where are the New Commercial Construction Projects?

Because the San Antonio commercial real estate market continues to decline due to the number of foreclosures, the number of new commercial construction projects continues to struggle. However, amidst all of the problems surrounding the slow rate of new commercial construction projects and the tight lending standards that have inhibited builders from starting new construction jobs, the medical industry has come to save

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The Alamo Heights real estate market is healthy and active, and it seems as if the worst of the housing slump is behind us. Interest rates are low, home choices are plentiful and real estate prices remain low. So, what are you waiting for? Isn’t it time you found yourself a little piece of the Alamo Heights real estate market? Many renters grapple with the decision to buy; and, let’s face it, buying isn’t for everyone.  However, for many renters, it just makes good sense to purchase a home in the Alamo Heights real estate market. And here’s why:

  1. A home offers you pride in homeownership – Many homeowners state that they purchased their first home so that they can enjoy a better quality of life. Along with a better quality of life comes pride in
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There are plenty of fantastic downtown San Antonio condosfrom which to choose. And, let’s face it, one is better than the other in terms of amenities, service and features. Along with owning downtown San Antonio condos, many condo owners belong to condo associations.

Many higher end properties have condo associations in place for their residents, thereby allowing the building and its residents to pay someone to manage and care for the property. If you are interested in purchasing one of the downtown San Antonio condos, you may wonder what exactly is involved with belonging to a condo association. Here are just some of the advantages of owning a property that is managed through a condo association:

  • A condo association takes the pressure off of
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