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March 2010

Found 10 blog entries for March 2010.

Phase Two of the RiverWalk Crossing project is now taking shape, although some unforeseen weather circumstances have slowed down the process a bit. Unusually wet weather conditions over the last few months have pushed the completed date to June, although it appears as if progress is starting to take shape.  Many construction companies have noted that the wet weather conditions are unlike any other they have experienced. In fact, many construction companies have said that it was one of the worse years for wet weather-related delays to date.

The phase two RiverWalk Crossing project, which will consist of two, 25,000-saquare-foot, mixed-use buildings that will house San Antonio downtown office spacewill be located at the Jenks retail center. The estimated

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This looks like a promising year for Bexar County, in terms of homebuilding. In fact, coming off of the last few years of dismal homebuilding statistics for Bexar County, Bexar County activity appears to be heading toward a very positive year.

Homebuilding Levels in Free Fall during Recent Years

Let’s first look at the fact that, since 2006, homebuilding in North Texas fallen 70 percent. Yep, that’s right: 70 percent. According to the recent statistics, homebuilding in North Texas is the slowest it’s been in more than 20 years. With all this doom and gloom you’d think that there wasn’t a bright spot to be found; but, instead, it looks as if the Bexar County activity is quite strong. The Dallas-Fort Worth and the Houston markets were ranked as the top

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As the year progresses, many homeowners are more than a little confused as to whether it is a good ideal to sell their home.  However, now may be a good time to reevaluate your needs and wants and decide whether or not to list your Terrell Hills home for sale. Although this year remains uncertain, the market will likely improve. So, the question is: should you sell your Terrell Hills home now?

  • Right now, there is a healthy supply of Terrell Hills’ homes for sale on the market. However, as the year moves on, there will likely be an even bigger supply of homes on the market as many sellers look to move during the summer months. So what better time to get into the market and leave your mark than now, as all the other homeowners wait by the sidelines?
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There is no shortage of luxury neighborhoods in San Antonio and, as a result, there a great selection of luxury home builders from which to choose if you are interested in building your dream home. Luxury neighborhoods abound in San Antonio. From the Dominion and Champion’s Ridge to Alamo Heights and Greystone Country Estates, there are many luxury neighborhoods that boast outstanding luxury homes and estates.

Stadler Custom Homes

Founded in 1995, Stadler Custom Homes has been working to provide its customers with only the most positive home building experience. These high-quality, hand-crafted custom homes and the strong business presence behind them has allowed Stadler Custom Homes to become one of San Antonio’s most prominent custom home builders.

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Stone Oak is one of those suburbs that just makes sense. After the real estate crash of the 1980s, Stone Oak remained strong, as did many of the other master-planned communities in the area. In fact, the idea behind the master-planned community of Stone Oak works just as well today as it did in years past.

Stone Oak was built under a master-planned community concept. Not only would this town offer plenty of residential real estate, but it would also offer everything a community would need: offices, churches, banks and schools, among other things. The location would allow residents to work close to home, and the children would all attend the same school. In short, Stone Oak was built as a community-oriented concept.

Many communities have been built on

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If you’re looking for the ultimate in suburban relaxation then look no further than Terrell Hills.  Ideally located just minutes from downtown San Antonio, Terrell Hills offers upscale living and a premier proximity to the opportunities and excitement of downtown San Antonio. Although Terrell Hills boasts a number of great shopping and dining venues, this affluent community best known as a quiet, bedroom community in San Antonio’s Uptown Central area.

The Neighborhoods of Terrell Hills

There are three neighborhoods which make up the community of Terrell Hills: Terrell Hills, Alamo Heights and Olmos Park. These three neighborhoods are bordered by Fort Sam Houston and San Antonio, thereby making the location nothing short of ideal. From charming,

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There is one certainty: VIP Realty is unlike any other real estate firm! As many other real estate companies are suffering due to last year’s lackluster economy and housing market crisis, VIP Realty actually has too many leads and not enough agents! Now may be the best time to join VIP Realty and become a part of one of the fastest-growing real estate companies in Texas! The allure of VIP Realty, for most agents, is sure to be our customizable commission plan. In short, VIP Realty allows you to control your real estate career while holding onto your hard-earned commissions!

Your Commission Choices

Unlike other real estate firms, VIP Realty allows you to choose a commission plan that best suits your experience and your goals. From a 100 percent sales

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The San Antonio commercial real estate market is many things, and lately one word to describe it is unique. Even as sales and activity continue to pick up in the San Antonio commercial real estate market, rent prices continue to fall. According to NAI REOC San Antonio, asking rents for the fourth quarter of 2009 in San Antonio were down 26 cents to $17.85 per square foot, when compared to asking prices in the same quarter of 2008.

Rental Prices Continue to Drop

With an excess of supply in the San Antonio commercial real estate market, landlords have been forced to drop their prices. Although 26 cents isn’t a huge decrease in price, it becomes quite significant when dealing with large spaces.

Moving Towards a Stable Market

However, even amidst

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There have been some positive signs for the San Antonio office space market. From the debut of the headquarters for the local company Tesoro Corporation and the consolidation of operations for Wells Fargo, these moves are being seen as very positive signs for the San Antonio economy.  However, these positive signs for the economy left more than 220,000 square feet of office space vacant. 

Combine that with the highest office space vacancy in years for San Antonio, and it’s clear to see that San Antonio has a bit of an office space issue. In fact, the end of the third quarter of 2009 brought on San Antonio’s highest office space vacancy rate in five years – 18.4 percent. In comparison, the vacancy rate for San Antonio office space was 14.2 percent for

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Downtown San Antonio condos are about to have a brand new addition: the Broadway. The Broadway, which will be the newest in downtown San Antonio condos, is the brainchild of Koontz McCombs, who envisioned a lifestyle development that features only the highest standard of living. To further highlight his vision of the Broadway, there are now two model units open that clearly reflect the vision of this project. Koontz McCombs has worked alongside the Baxter Design Group to bring these model units to fruition. As a result, the interior finish selections of the completed models “will set a new standard of fine living in San Antonio,” according to Bart Koontz, CEO of Koontz McCombs.

A Service-Oriented Experience

The Broadway, which is located at Broadway

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