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December 2009

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The downtown San Antonio real estate market continues to be the shining star in San Antonio. In fact, it is now becoming a hot spot for second homes.  Many local real estate agents have discovered that there has been a great deal of activity in the downtown market for individuals searching for a second home. In particular, the reasonably priced condos found here – those priced around $200,000 – are becoming a hot commodity.

San Antonio is a popular destination for very wealthy Mexican nationals, many of whom seek second homes. Many of these Mexican buyers are searching for new condominium homes, gated communities and country club neighborhoods throughout San Antonio, but the downtown market seems to be particularly appealing to their needs.

A Break

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Many of the luxury communities in San Antonio, like the Dominion, have seen a very competitive real estate market. As more and more homes go up for sale, luxury homeowners in the Dominion are discovering that selling a luxury home may prove to be quite challenging. It is with this in mind that many sellers are concentrating on their outdoor spaces to wow buyers. The best luxury homes often have an outstanding, outdoor area for both relaxation and entertainment, so it is up to you, as a seller, to impress your buyers the moment they walk into your backyard oasis. Exciting, Outdoor Trends

  • Separate Living Areas – If you have a large, outdoor space, consider creating different living areas to better put the space to use. A grilling area, a dining area, an
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Real estate construction projects have slowed down quite a bit, and there’s a perfectly good reason why; builders and developers are simply trying to fill up the space that they have already built.  Which means that office and retail space in San Antonio is both abundant and reasonable. For leasers, this may be a prime opportunity to snag a great office space lease, and for developers, it may be a time to get businesses into their spaces.

Although the San Antonio commercial real estate market is strong, particularly when compared to other areas of the country, many developers are nonetheless looking forward to getting construction up and running once again; and to do that, they must first lease the vacant space they already possess.

Building Remains

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For those homeowners looking to downsize into a downtown San Antonio condo, now may be the time. The home buyer tax credit was recently extended into May 2010 (the closing must occur before July 2010), so new homebuyers, as well as those homebuyers who have lived in their current residence for at least five years, can take advantage of the government stimulus offer.

Long-Time Homeowners get in on the Action

The homebuyer tax credit, which was originally only targeted at new homeowners or those who hadn’t owned a home for the previous three years, now includes “long-time homeowners,” or those who have lived in their home for at least five years. In other words, all those retirees looking to move out of their longtime home and instead settle into a

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There are a number of reasons to love Terrell Hills: it excellent location near San Antonio; its top-rated schools; and, of course, it’s beautiful homes. Large lots are commonplace in Terrell Hills, thereby providing an added degree of privacy to the residents of this San Antonio suburb. Terrell Hills is served by both the Alamo Heights Independent School District and the North East Independent School District. Must of the homes of Terrell Heights have either been extensively remodeled or torn down in place of more expansive homes. The homes in this area are rich in architectural detail and character, both of which are highly desired by home buyers in San Antonio. The homes of Terrell Hills are generally a lovely mix of mid-twentieth century architecture,

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If you are moving on and you don’t want to spend a fortune on professional packers and movers then it pays to learn a little about packing before you embark upon such a large task.Packing takes a bit more finesse than just throwing things into a box and taping it up; if you want to your possessions to remain safe and undamaged, and if you want to remain neat and organized, then it pays to learn how to pack like a professional:

  • The moment you realize you are moving, begin packing. This may seem a bit premature, but you will be glad you got a head-start. Begin by packing off-season items, such as holiday décor. You can also begin packing fragile, rarely used items, such as china and stemware. Gather newspapers and bubble wrap and take care to pack each
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Alamo Heights has always been known as an old-fashioned city with a family-oriented, small-town atmosphere. Residents of Alamo Heights have always reveled in the quiet surroundings, the cozy homes and the open land. The easy commute in and out of the city has always been a bright spot for residents, as well, as they are able to enjoy both small-town living and the opportunities and excitement of a large city. Alamo Heights has always boasted a strong real estate market in San Antonio.

The homes in this area are revered for their location along quiet, tree-lined streets, as well as for their blend of architecture, including Mediterranean, contemporary and Spanish. In addition, along any given street in Alamo Heights you may see gorgeous, historic homes

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Homeownership, despite all of the doom and gloom felt across the country, is still a very smart financial move for most individuals. The Bexar County real estate market, of course, has received poor evaluation over the last year because of the subprime mortgages and the record number of foreclosures which, unfortunately, has left many would-be homebuyers feeling more than a bit nervous to purchase their first home.

However, there are many reasons to purchase a home in Bexar County now, including low interest rates, dropping home prices and the government’s first-time homebuyer tax credit. If you are ready to take the plunge into homeownership, there are a few things that you can do to prepare for your homeownership adventure:

  • Talk to a lender first
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Northwest San Antonio has begun showing signs of stability, and Wereldhave, a Netherlands-based development firm, is one of the first to notice – and to take action. This development firm has plans to bring a high-end, mixed-use community to San Antonio, and the first part of the project is expected to debut as early as this fall. 

Two Class-A Office Buildings on the Horizon

The master-planned community envisioned by Wereldhave will have two, Class A office buildings, thereby boosting the sagging office market here in San Antonio. The office buildings will be a part of their master-planned project entitled “eilan.” The mixed-use community will measure a whopping 220,000 square feet and will cover about 118 acres, once completed. The first of the two

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The Texas Hill Country is home to one of the most successful, master-planned communities in Texas, if not the country. This exclusive, private community is home to several enclaves, all of which feature only the finest living and only the best services and amenities. It only makes sense then that retirement living in the Dominion be just as superb. And, true to its name, the Dominion offers retirees upscale living in its retirement enclave, Independence Village. This private retirement community reminds one of a quaint, Italian countryside, where fine, Mediterranean homes and outstanding architecture, highlighted by exquisite landscaping, can be found at every turn.

Excellent Quality of Life

Often referred to as a retreat from daily living,

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