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November 2009

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Texas is expected to lead the nation’s economic turnaround, beginning with slow and steady growth in 2010, and San Antonio is at the heart of this positive economic development. The San Antonio commercial real estate market will benefit as businesses and manufacturing try to meet the needs of an influx of new residents. Luckily the San Antonio commercial real estate market has fared better during the nationwide economic downturn than the rest of the nation, due largely to experiencing steady job growth while other places were facing rising unemployment. As we approach 2010, experts expect the overall economic health of San Antonio to improve, which will only serve to strengthen the San Antonio commercial real estate market.

New Businesses Bring More

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San Antonio is home to some of the largest military tenants, likely because of its sheer size and its unique location, which serves as the cultural gateway to the American Southwest. The military installations of San Antonio include:

  • Brooks City-Base – As the largest tenant in the United States Air Force, Books City Base also has a strong presence in aerospace medicine.  The two, major units of the Brooks City-Base are the United States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine and the 311th Human Systems Wing.
  • Fort Sam Houston – Fort Sam Houston is a support post and medical training facility. It is therefore commonly known as the “Home of the Combat Medic” and the “Home of Army Medicine.” Fort Sam Houston is home to the U.S. Army North, 5th Army
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Many sellers shy away from the idea of paying hefty realtor commissions on the sale of their homes, especially in these financially challenging times. This leads many people to try selling their homes on their own, without the assistance of a reputable realtor. While these sellers may be saving in commission fees, they are taking on a tremendous load of liability, hard work, and aggravation. The San Antonio flat fee MLS listing can ease much of the pain of trying to sell a home. 

Professional Help for One Low Fee

One of the biggest problems homeowners run into when trying to go it alone is exposure. In order to make the sale of their home known to the largest numbers of potential buyers, the homeowner needs to advertise. If a house is on the market

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The downturn in the national economy has forced many businesses to close offices or to downsize current operations. Even the San Antonio office space market has felt the pinch and has lost a few major players in the commercial sector.  Luckily, there have been other businesses ready and willing to step in and take over much of this vacated office space. Some of the largest office buildings occupied by corporate giants such as AT&T have seamlessly transitioned to new lease holders who are drawn to San Antonio’s economic stability.

Office Rentals Drop a Class

There are four classes of office space available to lease:

  • Class A – Situated in the best locations, these offices offer quality and prestige. Many come with great amenities. These office
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Just four or five miles outside of Downtown San Antonio lie some of the prettiest, safest neighborhoods in the area. With an emphasis on open spaces, the preservation of natural light and tree populations, and the well-being of their citizens, these San Antonio Select Neighborhoods offer a quality of life that is unparalleled. Located to the north of the city, this is one of the fastest growing segments of San Antonio residential real estate. 

Tempting Terrell Hills

Consistently among the pricier of the San Antonio select neighborhoods, Terrell Hills boasts mostly newer construction as older, smaller bungalows were removed and replaced with graceful, stately manors. Even for those who cannot afford to purchase one of these beautiful homes, Terrell

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Like many of the other, upscale suburbs of San Antonio, Terrell Hills has experienced an influx of buyers over the last, few years, many of which are looking to tear down older homes in lieu of stately homes on prime lots. From the spacious lots to the high-end properties, Terrell Hills has become quite an exclusive neighborhood in San Antonio. In fact, Terrell Hills is actually considered a city, as it has its own mayor and emergency response services.


Although there has been a lot of action as of late regarding new construction in Terrell Hills, this eclectic community still has quite a few, mid-20th century ranch homes and small bungalows. It is therefore not uncommon to see interesting, varied architecture in this community. With just a short,

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Anyone seeking a carefree lifestyle with an urban edge need look no further than downtown San Antonio. Home to some of the best shopping and eateries in Texas, San Antonio life holds great appeal to people of all ages.  Dubbed the most visited city in Texas, downtown San Antonio puts its finest attractions in easy reach of urbanites. From historic monuments to the city’s famed River Walk, there is always something to see and do.

Stroll Along the River Walk

Also known as Paseo del Rio, River Walk is comprised of over 17,000 feet of paved walkways and 20 bridges winding in and out along the San Antonio River. Situated one story beneath street level, River Walk is lined with unique stores and restaurants. Thick trees rising as tall as ten stories nestle

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Historian T.R. Fehrenback once said the following to describe Alamo Heights, “Alamo Heights, whatever else it is, reflects three qualities: good government, stable neighborhoods, and a feeling of intimacy.”  As one of the most popular and sought after neighborhoods in the greater San Antonio area, Alamo Heights continues to live up to this historians lofty words. Serving as home to families and professionals alike, the Alamo Heights luxury market experiences a high demand for its homes.

Early Government Protected the City’s Natural Beauty

The original founders of Alamo Heights had one stipulation for those who came after them…that they not cut down the many trees in the area. Early settlers recognized the natural beauty of the area and sought to

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